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Date Historical News
11/16/2018 Southwest Airlines announces several leadership promotions.
07/16/2018 Southwest Cargo begins shipping internationally.
04/16/2018 Southwest Cargo takes home the Diamond Award.
03/01/2018 Southwest Cargo Suite Help Center.
02/19/2018 Southwest Cargo announces intent to ship internationally.
09/07/2017 Dim Factor Change
06/21/2017 Southwest Cargo wins 8th consecutive Award.
05/04/2017 Southwest Cargo announces award-winning Cargo service to Cincinnati, Ohio (CVG).
04/13/2017 Southwest Cargo wins top Award for Air Cargo Excellence.
10/03/2016 Southwest Cargo wins 20th consecutive Award.
06/23/2016 Southwest Cargo flies high with industry Awards.
04/01/2016 Southwest Cargo announces "all-in" pricing.
03/23/2015 Southwest Cargo Takes Off With Another Award.
03/10/2015 Southwest Cargo Earns Industry-Leading Awards.
08/20/2014 Southwest Cargo Earns Highest Honors For Performance.
06/17/2014 Southwest Airlines Releases Fifth Annual Integrated Report on Triple Bottom Line of Performance,People,and Planet.
12/01/2014 Fuel surcharge decrease.
05/15/2014 Security surcharge increases.
05/14/2014 Southwest Airlines Announces New Director of Cargo Sales.
04/15/2014 Southwest Airlines Cargo Delivers the Industry's Top Awards.
03/20/2014 Southwest Airlines Cargo wins top prize for air cargo excellence.
11/12/2013 Southwest Honored for Outstanding Performance
06/25/2013 Southwest recognized with top honors for innovation
04/18/2013 Southwest Airlines and AirTran Connected
03/28/2013 Southwest receives awards in air cargo excellence.
03/09/2013 NEW flight schedule effective 03/09/2013.
02/15/2013 Fuel surcharge increase effective 02/15/2013.
02/14/2013 NEW flight schedule effective 02/14/2013.
01/06/2013 NEW flight schedule effective 01/06/2013.
08/15/2012 SWA Cargo wins Quest for Quality.
08/12/2012 NEW flight schedule effective 08/12/2012.
08/06/2012 Fuel surcharge decrease effective 08/06/2012.
06/03/2012 NEW flight schedule effective 06/03/2012.
05/11/2012 NEW Atlanta, GA (ATL) nonstop service announced.
05/10/2012 Southwest Airlines Named Eco-Pioneer of the Year.
05/06/2012 Fuel surcharge increase effective 05/06/2012.
04/11/2012 NEW flight schedule effective 04/11/2012.
03/11/2012 NEW flight schedule effective 03/11/2012.
02/12/2012 NEW flight schedule effective 02/12/2012.
02/06/2012 Fuel surcharge increase effective 02/06/2012.
01/08/2012 NEW flight schedule effective 01/08/2012.
01/23/2012 Southwest receives awards in air cargo excellence.

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